About Me

Michigan MacMy name is McKenzie, but you can call me Michigan Mac.

I am a marketing major at the Haworth College of Business at Western Michigan University graduating in December 2016, with special interests in internet and social media marketing. I am 22 years old and born in raised in Centreville, Pure Michigan. I currently work in the Payroll & Disbursements Department at WMU, where I get hands on experience with business-related processes. I found a passion for marketing when I began taking underclassmen marketing courses, found that the new trends in marketing fit my interests, and realized I am a social media butterfly (and have been since the dusty Xanga and Myspace days!).

When I’m not studying or working, I enjoy camping, traveling, writing, adventuring with my friends, anything DIY and hands on, trying new things, playing the ukulele, and spending time with my family. I could rave for days about how cute my dog, Luna, is, so expect a picture…or 10 of her. My favorite place in Michigan is the Traverse City area. I love searching for Petoskey stones in the summer! This past year I took up kayaking, snowboarding, and snowshoeing – not all in the same season.

I love to chat and encourage constructive criticism. Please feel free to contact, subscribe, or follow me at any of the platforms listed below:


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