Fresh Princess of Bellaire

Happy 2016 too all my cyber friends!

2015 was a wild ride, but I am looking forward to all the new adventures and changes lying ahead – there will be plenty. So stay tuned! I might be procrastinating my resolutions, however. One day at a time 🙂

I was fortunate to spend my New Year evening in beautiful Northern Michigan with some great company. 

Adam and I usually like to keep things different. This year we decided to head to Bellaire – hence, “Fresh Princess of Bellaire.” 

Our festivities agenda: 

  • Rented a condo at Shanty Creek Resort from (which I highly recommend as it is a cool site to find a place to stay just about anywhere)
  • Spent NYE at Short’s Brewing Company where we rang in 2016,cheers to a wonderful live band – Seth Bernard and Friends. Nothing is better than a fresh Soft Parade on draft in my opinion! 
  • New Year’s Day was spent snowboarding and roughing the snow storm. Shanty Creek’s Summit Mountain was open and making snow all day – making conditions ideal for all levels of skiiers and snowboarders. Easily put all of us in need of a nap, however.
  • We spent the evening at Short’s again. Adam and I raved so much about Short’s White Pepper sandwich that we had to show our pals what it was all about. We were surprised to find another band was playing – this time trumpets and flat playing style guitars! 

Needless to say, it was another wonderful weekend spent in Pure Michigan. I was fortunate to spend my break from school surrounded with people I love, seeing and doing awesome things, and being showered with gifts and love! 

Nick, Jen & I at Short’s in Bellaire, MI



Adam & I snowboarding at Shanty Creek


Ringing in 2016…with a nap!




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