Michigan Mac Gets Groovy For Her 23rd!


Blink 182 once said “nobody likes you when you’re 23.” But, I guess that doesn’t apply to me. I feel very fortunate and grateful for such wonderful friends and family for helping me make this birthday the best one yet.

A glimpse at my “birthday weekend”:

Thursday night:

I attended my brother’s basketball game and was treated to a birthday dinner with my mom, stepdad, and brother. They bought me new Sorel boots that I’ve been drooling over for snowshoeing and campus trekking.


My coworkers threw me a Taco Bar fiesta. Later in the evening, Adam came down. He spoiled me with the new Purity Ring LP, Michigan Mittens (see the Michigander’s Christmas List post!), Kilwins fudge, and a bottle of wine. He sure knows the way to my heart. Then, my household prepped for the groovy night ahead. We zoomed over to Rollerworld and discoed the night away. It was so much fun. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been on roller skates. If you haven’t been in awhile, you should totally work this into your Christmas Break schedule. (I’d love to tag along!) We then headed to Up and Unders in Downtown Kalamazoo to end the evening where we grooved to some Abba. What a night!

Saturday, My Birthday:

Adam and I woke up and headed over to Food Dance for some Bloody Mary’s. They make their mix in-house and it is the best in Kalamazoo (in my opinion). Next, we made our way to my Grandma’s for a birthday meal. My dad attended and it was great to catch up with 3 of my favorite people. She bought me a Chromecast for my birthday (and it’s currently distracting me from studying for my finals). Adam and I then stopped at our friends, Sam and Ellie. They spoiled me with a bottle of wine and a wine stopper from Ellie’s shop, The Craftsman’s Daughter in Sturgis! (Go check all her cute things out!!) After, we made our way to our friends, Nick and Stacy’s, annual Christmas Party. This year was White Elephant. It was so great to see everyone and hear about their upcoming additions to their families, career changes, and renovations.


It’s safe to say I’m extremely exhausted and doing everything I can to avoid studying – like writing this post.

Synopsis of this post: roller skating is a perfect party location and take some time to visit your pals this holiday season! I’m headed back to books…

Pictures from the roller party


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