Summer Re-cap

Highlights of Summer 2015 Adventures:


You might look at this picture and think “it’s just a kayak picture.” But, it is significant to me as it is the day of the earthquake that shook Southwestern Michigan.

We had just dropped our kayaks in to launch a few miles south of Galesburg in one of the local lakes. I was sitting in my kayak, beached, and my three friends ashore. We were talking about if we should find a store to find bait. Suddenly, the ground starts to shake and the loudest rumbling began. It sounded like a boat motor had started inches from my kayak. It lasted for a good 15-25 seconds. Once it stopped, no one said anything, not one peep. Finally, one of my friends says, “did anyone else feel that?” It was weird. It made you feel very small and insignificant, whatever it was. The guys left to go get bait and that’s when we found out on social media that there was a confirmed earthquake! Moral of the story: I don’t want to experience anything greater than a 4.2 magnitude earthquake.

Read the 7 facts about earthquakes in Michigan for some cool history about Michigan’s earthquakes.

IMG_3298This was my first camp trip of the summer. It was in Elberta, Michigan as previously talked about in the Summer is Over. Camping is Not post. I loved this trip. This was Luna’s first time camping and I found out that she just might be a camping gal too. Elberta was so beautiful. It is one of the last places to camp right on the beach of Lake Michigan for free. It is great for the camper who can handle a little sand in your sandwich and can stand a cold windy night. This trip also tested both my adventure partner and I’s camping skills and relationship (haha!). We didn’t have long tent stakes for the beach and a storm was rolling in. Our tent tried to fly away and we ended up seeing if we could pack up tent in less than 5 minutes at 2 AM. I don’t know if I’ve ever had such a rough night of sleep in my life…


Labor day weekend was one for the books. Our good (and wayyy to kind) friends from Elkhart let us come stay with them in a house the rented right on Lake MI in Charlevoix. The view was absolutely breathtaking. You could see Old Mission Peninsula and Beaver Island. One of the most exciting things for me was finding so many Petoskey stones. I probably drove them nuts with how obsessed I was with each and every imperfect stone. It was awesome kayaking and paddle boarding insane waves even though I’m not really sure we got anywhere. Nothing made the trip more perfect than spending the evening on the beach with the stars over us.

11051747_10155872562985204_594927162966078241_nBeers, babes, and the beach. What could possibly be better? I got to spend a couple days at the beach, South Haven and Saugatuck, with some of my friends. Both days were Pure Michigan – imagine your most perfect weather day: blue skies, breeze, warm water, and high temps. These couple of trips allowed me to work on some of my friendships, while reevaluating some others. Nothing like reflecting with a great view! I highly recommend visiting Saugatuck State Park. There a numerous hiking trails, disc golf course, and access to the beach! Don’t forget your sunscreen and a volleyball! (Next summer anyway…)

12191060_10156229223940204_1929779440708600380_nQuite possibly one of my favorite camping trips. Okay, maybe I’m a little biased because my friend, Kat, was up from the Florida Keys! We fretted for weeks about where to camp and everything turned out absolutely perfect. One of her friends had property on Old Mission Peninsula on an apple orchard. There was even a little cabin, but we camped out instead. The weather turned out great considering it was late in the season. I don’t know if I’ll ever forget driving through the orchard at night or not bringing my license to the minimart. You surely cannot beat good company and great sunset.

Photo by Josh Turner

Photo by Josh Turner

One of my favorite places to camp is on the Manistee River. A bunch of friends from Kalamazoo made it up to go camping and “floating.” We were definitely out in the boonies. Nothing is better than losing cell phone service! It began as a very overcast day, then turned out to be beautiful. You can tell by the picture. It was very mysterious as the sunset, the water began to fog up. Also, I don’t know if I have ever laughed so hard in my life.


My adventure partner and I did a brewery tourey in Traverse City. Right Brain makes one of the best Porters. You’ll learn more about adventure that in an upcoming post! 🙂


I accepted the Coolwater Challenge for the second year in a row. My adventure partner and I technically didn’t dump again! More memories were made that I will never forget. It is also fun to watch people try and survive the river. Read more about the Pine River in my Coolwater Challenge post.


Last but not least. The most important adventure. I turned the adventure mobile into a moving “truck.” I moved onto bigger and better things. I love Kalamazoo and the Vine Neighborhood (A.K.A Student Ghetto). I have begun the greatest adventure this past season as I enter my last year of college and enter the real world.

Share with my your favorite summer 2015 adventure and what you expect for summer 2016!

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One thought on “Summer Re-cap

  1. Nothing beats a Michigan summer and you sure do know how to get the most out of it! I am looking forward to reading about your new adventures, especially through the winter! The Old Mison trip was one for the books amd we will have to start planning for round 2 in 2016! Cheers~~


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