DIY: Drift-It-Yourself

Jewelry Driftwood Hanger
Picture this: You’re on the beach. Picking up driftwood, rocks, beach glass, or whatever cool skeleton you can find. Stuffing anything you find interesting into your pockets. (If you’re like me, you’re using your adventure partners pockets, too). You get in the car, drive home, and unpack from your days adventure.  Suddenly, your “treasures” fall out of your pockets. You pick them up, put them on your dresser, and there they are: they’ll sit there for months. So what do you do with them instead of letting them collect dust? This post is dedicated to DIY (do-it-yourself) projects, specifically driftwood projects.

(Sorry gentlemen…this post is more for the ladies…but, feel free to be crafty! Make it a date night.)

As you go about your nature searches, it is an important thing to be aware of the laws enforced by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. I attempted to do some research regarding removal of “items,” but there is a significant gray area. It is important to be knowledgeable of your surroundings and maintaining the natural environment. Or, in layman’s terms…”leave it where it lies.”

In efforts to help you from “breaking the law,” the DNR states specifically in relation to state parks and recreation areas:

  • Destroy, damage, or remove a tree, including a dead and downed tree and woody debris, shrub, wildflower, grass, or other vegetation. Except in a wildlife food plot, this subdivision does not apply to picking and removing mushrooms, berries, and edible fruits or nuts for personal use.

My advice? Use your best judgment. Clearly, removing a 10 foot piece of driftwood from the beach is probably not ideal. You may learn a thing or two from the 90+ lb Petoskey Stone guy. (If anyone could lend me some lawful advice on this too, it would be appreciated.)

*Click here to read an article on cleaning and getting rid of pests from your driftwood*

Drift-It-Yourself Projects

Jewelry Driftwood Hanger

Driftwood Jewelry Hanger by Michigan Mac


Things you’ll need:

– Piece of drift wood (preferably 1-2 feet long)
– Hemp string
– Acrylic paint
– Paint brush
– Pencil
– Clear spray paint
– Fine grit sand paper (400+ grit)
– 2 “Threaded-eye hooks”

First, sand any flaws from your driftwood that you would like removed. If these are bigger, use a smaller grain sandpaper. Second, rinse off the driftwood to make sure it is clear of any sanded residue. Allow to dry completely. Draw your designs with a pencil (it makes it easier.) Then, paint your designs and allow to dry completely. Once dry, use the clear coat spray paint sparingly to hold color. Make sure to spray in the “x” motion. After dry, screw two holes in at each end. Braid the hemp and tie ends on each screw. Wha la!

driftwood photo display


Things you’ll need:

– Multiple piece of driftwood
– String
– Small clothes pins
– Printed photographs
– Drill

Drill small holes through driftwood. String through each hole. Make sure to tie off string at the bottom piece of driftwood.

Resource (idea and picture): Morning Creativity


Picture by Beyond the Picket Fence


Things you’ll need:

-Multiple pieces of driftwood
-Multiple boards
-Sand paper
-Extra strength glue
-Coat hangers

Please visit: Beyond The Picket Fence for complete instruction!

(Click picture to go to credited site)



Are you drifting into happiness yet?

There are plenty more of driftwood projects out there, especially on Pinterest. This can be a clock, animal, Christmas tree, and the undiscovered! The kind of project you can due generally depends on what kind of shape you find. So, your goal should be to be open, wise in your “hunting,” and to be creative.

Please share your driftwood projects with me!

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