Discover “Michigan Mac”

Monday BluesAnd the verdict is in. You want to know more about Michigan.
(Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete my survey. You rock!)

Before I get started on posting, I wanted to take a minute (or a post) to allow me to introduce myself to you. I know it is cliché to post an “about me.” But, I feel that it will give you a better understanding of who I am, why I travel to certain places, and why I “do the things I do.” Hopefully we can come to some mutual understanding during this blog and just know that criticism, GOOD or BAD, is welcomed and appreciated.

In efforts to make this short and sweet, here’s a little about me:

My name is McKenzie, but you will know me as Michigan Mac. I am a 22 year old Marketing major at Western Michigan University graduating in December 2016. I am born and raised in Pure Michigan, as if you couldn’t tell. I have lived in “Discover Kalamazoo,” MI for the past 3 years and try to find the beauty in city living as much as I can (so expect a blog post for Kalamazoo). Ok, here’s another cliché, but my dog, Luna, is definitely my best friend. Don’t be surprised if you catch a picture of her 3 pound cuteness – she likes to adventure too. I think the most interesting fact about me is that I once celebrated my birthday on December 12th, 2012 (12/12/12), which is the last repeating date of the century! I once absolutely hated Michigan, mainly the winters, but have begun to take interest in new activities to change my outlook. This is key to survival here in Michigan: dealing with winter. When I do have free time I enjoy journaling (I am a closet writer), anything hands on – painting, drawing, DIY crafts, bonfires, kayaking – my newest acquired “skill,” snowboarding/snowshoeing, playing the ukulele, Netflix – if you need a new show to watch, ASK, and of course TRAVELING as much as possible.

Now to completing my own survey:

  • When it comes to hearing “Michigan,” I instantly think FAMILY. The people whom I love most live here – which is why I’ll (more than likely) never leave.
  • My favorite season in Michigan would have to be fall – sweater weather! Oh, and hot apple cider (with whiskey 🙂 ), changing leaves, and pumpkin everything!
  • My favorite place I have traveled in Michigan would have to be…North Manitou Island. It is something I think everyone, especially Michiganders, should do in their lifetime.
  • My “must-see” recommend place in Michigan would have to be Grand Island during the winter, that is if you can hike a mile or two across Lake Superior in the cold.
  • The last place I visited in Michigan was Fisherman’s State Park in Charlevoix.

What To Expect

After reading survey results, you all are like me. You LOVE to travel and see new things. On this blog, you will definitely get places to travel. There will be facts, maps, and hopefully a little bit of history. You may see some DIY crafts with Michigan here and there. You will definitely get a “brewery tourey” in one post, maybe two. You are going to see “Pure Michigan” through the eyes of “Michigan Mac.” Buckle up! Because this is going to be one hell of a journey…



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